Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beginning Music Club Mondays at Ocean View Elementary

Updated Feb. 18, 2019


for beginners 

February 4, 2019

December 3, 2018
We got our Music Club t-shirts!!!
Be sure to wear them on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 6:30 pm
at Ocean View Multi-Purpose Room for Winter Concert

We are writing rhythms for the songs we have learned.

 We point to the rhythms as we sing the song to make sure the rhythms are correct.

November 5, 2018
Writing rhythms with felt sticks

October 29, 2018
We played halloween games today, learned beginning square dancing and started the process of identifying and understanding the beat verses the rhythm in music.
We pat the beat on our lap as we sing (the drum drawing) and clap the rhythm as we sing (the mouth - which equals "clap the way the words go").  I hope my "mouth" drawing doesn't look like a banana as I was drawing a mouth - haha.

"Come Out Pumpkin, we like you" is the song and this is a very fun game where the pumpkin hides but will pop out when you sing his favorite song (they all sing instantly).  Then he pops out, but Jingle Jeff isn't looking in his direction so when Jeff looks back - pumpkin is gone (hiding again) - this gets big laughter in the classroom.  Here the very fun part of Music Club is we have plenty of time, so the children can get the experience of acting out the part with Pumpkin - making him pop up and down.  They loved this and all wanted two turns (of course that is a yes).

I made pumpkin rings for all the children in the Music Club.  We played a pumpkin game that ends with making a pumpkin face - something silly.  The level of creativity is priceless.  See pictures below:

Snack time!!

October 17, 2018
We are learning to read and write music, sing in-tune, be creative, keep the beat, create rhythms that enhance the songs we sing.  Most of all we are having a lot of fun extending our musical experience.

This is "Ridin' In the Buggy"
Jorge is the horse and Liam is the farmer.  We sing their names in this song as the other children sit on the risers with rhythm sticks to make the sound of the horse clip copping along the road.  It's fun and the rhythm stick children are keeping the beat!!

Sometimes the horse runs fast.

"Writing" music notes using felt staves that parents made for us.  The staves have been cut, sewn and decorated with fabric paint.  In this activity each child gets to "write" the song on their own.  We work together, but there is an immediate sense of accomplishment for each child.

Four horses and one farmer!!!  So fun

Here Jorge points to the notes on the staff while Liam uses the Kodály hand signs for so mi - notice Liam is reading the notes from the staff as he sings.

"Button You Must Wander" - Gabrielle is passing the button to Baysal while Jorge hides his eyes in the center.  At the end of the song Jorge sings a solo:  "Who has the button?" and Baysal will sing the solo:  "I have the button."  This game is so fun but the children are really learning:  singing in-tune, solo singing in-tune, vocal recognition, developing camaraderie and gaining confidence. 

Here students are developing improvisational skills on the conga drums that match the song we are singing.

This game is sooooooo funny - laughter is fantastic!!

Please tell your friends about beginning Music Club on Mondays.  There is still space for a few more children and friends can register at

You can also text or call JingleJeff at (510) 334-8851 or email him at

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