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Music Club at Ocean View (Tuesdays 2017-18)

(Updated August 27, 2017)

MUSIC CLUB at Ocean View
After School Program

12 Openings

Parents of 3rd, 4th or 5th Grades students can register for one of the openings at this link:
Be sure to say:  Music Club at OV 
on Registration.

Parents of 2nd graders can register for consideration into Music Club at OV

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May 2017 WE WON!!!!
Music Club at Ocean View was awarded First Place with a Superior Rating
This is the highest first place given at Six Flags 

 It's that victory smile as all the students were so proud of winning first place at the highest level and it was our first competition!!!!

Okay - of course there has to be a silly picture to celebrate

Music Club at Ocean View Details:

MEET:  Students should meet at the amphitheater for a snack at 3:05 pm.  Then we will proceed to the stage in the multi-purpose room.

PICK UP:  Students need to be picked up on time (see late fee below).  Please meet us at the amphitheater at 4:30 pm to meet your child for pick up.
THE YMCA:  If you child is to be released to the YMCA, Maples, Chinese School or Friendship Club After School Program then please let Jingle Jeff know that.

COMPLETE:  In order to complete your registration, please pay the registration fee when you receive an invoice from Jingle Jeff through email.  You can then pay in one of the following ways:

1 - Write a check for $175 to “Jingle Jamboree Music” and drop it off at the OV Office and ask the secretaries to put the check in my teacher mailbox.
2 - Pay the invoice that I will email you can pay this invoice online with any credit card.
3 - Pay online at using payment to 

When:  Tuesdays 3:05 to 4:30 pm (includes a snack)  
       Begins September 12, 2017
Where:  Meet in the Amphitheater for snack and then move to Multi-Purpose Room Stage (back stage entrance)
What:  Music Club is a singing, performing group with a vocal performances at the end of each 11-week session.  Songs will include folk, world music and pop music.  Then Music Club will audition for Disneyland performance OR compete for a trophy at Six Flags in Vallejo in May. 
Who:  3rd, 4th and 5th Grade students and Directed by Jingle Jeff, Ocean View Music Teacher - SPACE LIMITED Register NOW 
2nd Graders:  Second graders may apply to be in the group.  They need to be very musical and able to focus in a performance group after school.  The students needs to be a little more mature than most of this age.  Students may be asked to audition to show ability to sing in-tune.
STUDENTS:  Students will be chosen to form a balanced group of grade levels and gender.  Parents will be notified quickly.  At 4:30 pm students can be released to other programs on campus (e.g. YMCA etc.)
Cost:  $175 for 11 weeks but limited to the first 34 students. 
1st Payment:   $175 (11 Classes) Sept. 12 through Nov. 21, 2017
2nd payment:  $175 (11 Classes) Nov. 28 through Feb. 27, 2017
3rd payment:  $175 (11 classes) March 6 through May 22, 2017
More Details:
REGISTER ON LINE:  Register at this link:
    Class Name:  Music Club OV
AWARD:  Jingle Jeff was just awarded one of the top 3 music teachers in the Bay Area by Parents Press Magazine 2016 and 2017.  Music Club at Ocean View sponsored by Jingle Jamboree Music was awarded the highest rating possible at Six Flags in May 2017:  1st Place SUPERIOR!!
Why:  To further develop children’s love of music through vocal musical development and performances.
LATE PICK UP:  Students who are being picked up by parents must be picked up by 4:30 pm.  The late charge of $1 per minute will be added to your account for payment.

FRIENDS:  Please tell your friends about the Music Club.
CALENDAR:  We follow the Albany Unified School District calendar year for vacations
VACATION CAMPS:  Vacation music camps are offered at every break (e.g. Winter Break, Spring Break etc.) and Music Club members will be offered a special discount for the camps.
QUESTIONS:  Email Jingle Jeff by replying to this email, text or call him at (510) 334-8851

KODÁLY METHOD: (pronounced kodie)

* Music Club location:
Begins at 3:05 pm with a snack in the 
amphitheater then students will move into the Ocean View Stage in the Multi-purpose Room.

Policies of Jingle Jamboree Music

Refund Policy:  The 11-class fee is based on a $50 non-refundable (no exceptions) administrative fee.  Classes are then refunded according to the remaining amount.  Refund requests received two weeks prior to the beginning of the series or after will only be refunded if someone else takes your child's space in the class.  There are no refunds after the first class (no exceptions).  Partial credit can be given toward an upcoming class if illness prohibits the child from attending more than half the classes in the series.  Refunds require a minimum of two weeks to process.  

 Drop ins:  One free preview per family.  The drop in charge is $25, and only by special arrangements with the teacher.  This includes siblings or friends who are not enrolled in a Jingle Jamboree Music class.  

Liability:  Jingle Jamboree, its director and teachers are exempt from any liability in case anyone is injured during the class.  

Make Up Classes:  There are no make up classes as all classes are scheduled in advance and the teacher is present instructing the class.  There are no refunds for a missed class due to illness or family plans that have changed.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS:  Enrollment in a Jingle Jamboree Music class is permission to use photos and videos of the class to advertise and promote future classes.  Names of children are never used.  If you do not want your child's photo or video used for promotions, please email stating this.

October 11, 2016
Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend our first performance.  The children are singing with such enthusiasm. Music Club is the highlight of my week.  The t-shirts turned out amazing.  There are a few extra in many sizes and they are just $10 cash or check.  Let me know if you want an extra one.

From Oct. 4, 2016 - It was so exciting to hear 33 students sing so beautifully yesterday at the meeting of the first performing arts group at Ocean View Elementary.  The students were enthusiastically engaged throughout the entire 90 minutes.  Thank you so much for enrolling your child in this wonderful program. 
   All students arrived from their after school programs (YMCA, Chinese School & Maples) and then returned safely.  Then all the parents arrived on time to pick up the children.  Thank you so much.
   I was so thrilled with our first meeting.  In two weeks the children will receive their music t-shirts which they will wear during some of the performances.  I will be sure to email you, so you can be on the look out for them.  I have a few extra if anyone wants a second one they are $10.
   Tuesday, October 11 at 4:30 pm - Please join me to hear the students sing:  Start Your Day With A Song.  I will be inviting all parents onto the stage to hear the students perform.  I usually do not do this at only the 2nd meeting, but they sound so amazing and have such enthusiasm in their voices.  It was incredible.

YELP:  See the 5-Star rating and parent reviews

Congratulations as Jingle Jeff was just named one of the Best Music Teachers in the Bay Area voted on by parents and Parents' Press Magazine for 2016


   (1) Mailing a check for $150 to:

Jingle Jamboree Music

1016 Talbot Avenue

Albany, CA 94706

(Please make checks payable to "Jingle Jamboree Music") 

(2)  Drop off the check at the Ocean View Office, but do not 

put it in the music slot - please give it to the secretary to put

in Mr. Luna-Sparks' mailbox.

                       (3)  Pay the invoice you will be emailed.  You 

                             pay online with any credit card.

                      (4) You can also pay with a credit card online                         
                           at PayPal to



RECEIPT:  If you would like a receipt just let Jingle Jeff know 

and he will be happy to email you one.

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email Jingle Jeff:

Phone or text:  (510) 334-8851

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